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Domestic Certificate FAQs

How do I get a domestic certificate?

If you have not yet downloaded the app or applied for a certificate, please follow the link below. If you have not already done so, you will have to create an NI Direct account. Once you have done this, your ID has been verified. You will now need to download the COVIDCert NI app and apply for your certificate. If your application is not processed automatically the NI COVID Certification Service will email you directly when your application has been successfully processed, telling you when you can download your certificate online or via the app.

For Domestic Certificate FAQs click here

I already have an international travel certificate. How do I get a domestic use certificate?

Please ensure you have updated the latest version of the app. Please click the ‘+ Activate Domestic Certificate’ button. This should prompt you to follow a number of steps and take a selfie. The certificate should then be available for view within the app.

I cannot see an option to activate a domestic certificate in my app. How do I generate a certificate?

Please follow the below steps;


  1. Go to your iPhone’s home screen and tap on the App Store icon.
  2. After the App Store opens, tap the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll to the CovidCert NI app and select ‘update’.
  4. Enter your password and wait for your app to update.
  5. Go into the CovidCert NI app and click the ‘+ Activate Domestic Certificate’ button.


  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  1. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  2. Tap Manage apps and device. Scroll to the CovidCert NI app and select ‘update’.
  3. Go into the CovidCert NI app and click the ‘+ Activate Domestic Certificate’ button.

If you are still unable to see the certificate in your app, please send a screenshot of the error.

Black camera preview when capturing a ‘selfie’

If only a black square is visible on the ‘selfie’ quality check screen, do not attempt to submit your photo. This is a known issue on some devices that we intend to resolve in a future app update.

In the meantime, please use your “Travel” certificate for domestic use alongside photographic ID. Potential workaround:

  1. Open your device’s default ‘Camera’ app
  2. Go to the camera app’s settings
  3. Lower the resolution/mega-pixels of the front-facing camera (on some devices this may require changing the camera aspect ratio)
  4. Re-take the photo in the app

Can I download a PDF version of my domestic certificate?

The domestic certificate is currently unavailable to view on the browser or to download as a PDF. You can only view the domestic certificate on the app.

Will my booster vaccination be present on my certificate?

Now that EU specification has been agreed for a QR code (2D barcode) to evidence boosters, we have commenced work to deliver a solution.

In the first instance we will issue a single dose letter (with a QR code) by pdf download or print, by mid-December. The app will be updated in early January 2022 to display a QR code to reflect boosters.

If a person does not have a phone, are they able to use another form of vaccination proof?

Yes they can use the paper version of their international travel certification,  alongside photographic ID. Printed certificates have been, and are available, and can be requested via the contact centre 03002007814.

What personal information can be recorded by venues other than vaccination status?

Venues will not be recording any personal information in relation to COVID certificates, the app is data minimised and will not share data. The verification app does not store any data. The verification app simply provides a quick way to verify that the certificate presented is genuine.

Will a mobile internet connection be required by the user? Not everyone has access to data all the time.

Individuals using the certificate app (citizens) – COVIDCert NI – do not require to be online. Certificates are stored in a document wallet, and saty on the phone when the phone does not have connectivity.

The verification app COVIDCert Check NI (known as ‘Cert Check NI’) operated by venues requires either network connectivity or Wi-Fi connectivity on the device to read data minimised domestic certs.

Should there be a temporary loss of connectivity, the international certificate code on the COVIDCert NI can be presented along with photo ID.

Can people use their domestic Covid passport in the Republic of Ireland?

People have been using their travel code / certificate to access restricted venues in ROI for several months. This capability will continue. If travelling to other UK jurisdictions, their scanning devices will also accept the travel code / certificate. We are working on interoperability solutions to enable our NI domestic cert to be able to be presented across the UK and ROI, and be accepted by other jurisdictions. This will take a few weeks.

Can the COVIDCert Check NI app scan Covid passports from other UK jurisdictions and further afield?

Yes – as long as they have a QR code meeting EU / WHO standards – and there is a bilateral agreement in place with FCDO

Will people still be able to provide a lateral flow or PCR test to access venues? If so, will this information be synced with the app somehow?

That is a decision for the Executive. The app will not be providing evidence of lateral flow testing, Every Rapid Test result should be reported online at or by calling 119 (free from mobiles and landlines).  Venues may wish to consider putting assisted or supervised testing in place to provide additional safeguards for their staff and customers

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