How will I be contacted for my vaccination?

When it’s your turn, you’ll be contacted by letter, text or email with information on how to book your appointment. More people are being offered the vaccine every week.

The vaccine is being offered at larger vaccination centres, pharmacies and some local NHS services such as hospitals or GP surgeries.

By letter, text or email

If you are invited to have your vaccination at a larger vaccination centre or at a pharmacy, you’ll get a letter.

If you are invited to have your vaccination at a local centre such as a hospital or GP surgery, you will usually get a text or email. You may sometimes get a letter.

You can choose to go to a larger vaccination centre or pharmacy, or wait to be invited to go to a local NHS service. More places are opening all the time.

You may get a phone call from the health service. This will be a reminder to book your COVID-19 vaccination appointments. The person you speak to will see if you need any help and support. They will not call you to book appointments over the phone.

To book online go to

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