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StopCOVID NI notifications explained

1. Exposure ‘log’ notifications

stopCOVID app exposure log notification

This is an image of an exposure ‘log’ notification. It is not an exposure notification.  On seeing this you should not self-isolate.

It means you have been close to another app user, but does not follow the setting of 2 metres or less, for 15 minutes or more. It is a problem with the IOS system that Apple will be removing in future versions.

Only if you have been close enough, for long enough, to an app user that tests positive, will you receive a clear exposure notification from the app.

2. Exposure notifications

stopCOVID app exposure notification

This is an image of an exposure notification. If you receive this notification it means you have been close to another app user who has tested positive.

3. Exposure alert in the app

This is an image from the StopCOVID NI app once you have received an exposure notification. If you tap on the ‘read more’ button you can see information on what to do next.

4. Exposure alert in the app – further information

The image above shows the additional information you will see in the app if you receive an exposure notification. It explains how long you must self-isolate for, why you must do so, and links to read more about close contact and self-isolation.

Read more about this app and the technology used here

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