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COVIDCert Check NI – App User Guide

Issued by Digital Health and Care Northern Ireland.

The HSC COVIDCert Check NI app

The official HSC COVIDCert Check NI app is a secure way to verify an individual’s HSC COVIDCert and check that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The app can be used to scan and verify an individual’s COVID certificate, for entry to venues and events in Northern Ireland.

The app scans the 2D barcode, in an individual’s HSC COVIDCert, ensuring it is valid.
It does not store or transmit any personal data during this process.

This user guide can help venue stewards to know how to use the ‘Cert Check NI’ app to see if an Northern Ireland citizen is eligible to enter a venue by scanning their COVIDCert 2D barcode.

The ‘Cert Check NI’ app can be used to scan the 2D barcode displayed on your customer’s phone, in a PDF or in a printed certificate. 

The protection of user privacy is central to the Cert Check NI. Its purpose is to display COVID Cert status information in a clear and readable manner upon each scan.

The ‘Cert Check NI’ app does not retain personal data. It only gathers metric-related information about the application itself, in order that the performance of the app can be monitored. The collected metric data cannot be referenced back to any individual COVIDCert user.

Read the Cert Check NI Terms and Conditions 

Read ICO guidance on data protection

Read the Data Protection Impact Assessment

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Install App

Staff will need to download and install the Cert Check NI app on a mobile device. The app is available from either the Apple App Store (for iOS Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

The internet is required to be able to scan an NI domestic certificate. The COVIDCert NI App will show an error message pop up if offline when scanning a domestic certificate.

iOS URL: App store link  

Android URL: App store link

Step 2: Accept T&Cs

Open the ‘Cert Check NI’ app by clicking on the ‘Cert Check NI’ app logo.

When used for the first time, the consent agreement screen will display. The first time the user applies the Verifier app, the user is asked to agree on a consent form, by clicking “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”. The app will not function if user agreement is not obtained.

When opening the camera on your mobile device for the first time, please allow the app to have permission to use the camera. The screenshot below is from an Android phone. A similar screen and permission request will display on an iOS (Apple) phone.

Step 3: Scan 2D Barcode

Your customer will show their COVIDCert. This will be on a smartphone, tablet, or printed off as a paper PDF, or paper certificate.

Direct your mobile’s camera at the 2D barcode displayed on the guest’s printed PDF, or at the 2D barcode displayed on their smartphone. Once the scanner has been pointed at a 2D barcode, it automatically starts scanning the code.

There are two types of certificate, travel vaccination certificate (EU Digital Green Certificate) and a data minimised domestic certificate. Both types of certificate can be used for domestic use. 

Note: The ‘Cert Check NI’ app can scan the COVIDCert via a mobile or tablet.

It can scan a certificate displayed on a screen, whether app or pdf, or where someone has printed off a PDF version, or is presenting a non-digital printed certificate.

Step 4: Read Results

If the ‘Cert Check NI’ app displays a screen with a tick, this shows that the domestic COVIDCert is valid.

If this screen is displaying “Valid For (NAME)” and “Check Photo ID”, you will need to check the name on the screen and the person’s photo ID to validate the person’s identity. This screen is shown if a travel certificate (EU Digital Green Certificate) is scanned.

If this screen is displaying “Valid if scanned from paper certificate”, you must check that the barcode is scanned from a paper certificate and check the person’s photo ID. This screen is shown when scanned from a data minimised domestic certificate.

If this screen is displaying “Invalid” with a cross, this may be because the scanned domestic cert barcode is an incorrect code or the barcode has expired.

If the app has scanned a full vaccination certificate (EU Digital Green Certificate), the app will give a reason for the invalid status.

Can a member of the public download this app?

As Cert Check NI will be available in the Google or Apple app store, it can or might be downloaded by a member of the public. However, in line with the data protection elements detailed above, downloading the app does not present a security risk.

How does your customer or employee show their COVIDCert on their mobile device?

The COVIDCert can be accessed via the HSC COVIDCert NI app.

How much data allowance does a check use?

Domestic Check is ~420 bytes
Verify response is around ~370 bytes
Average phone contract is 2 to 5 GB per month
1.27 million checks = 1GB
Data impact is marginal.

Updated: 3 weeks ago Posted: October 29, 2021 10:30 am