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NI Covid-19 Vaccinations Dashboard

These data and visualisations are derived from the Northern Ireland Vaccinations Management System and provide a greater level of detail about the vaccination program. It replaces previous manual system which relied on a variety of platforms with differing reporting mechanisms.

In developing the VMS, some data may have been amended slightly upwards or downwards however the overall figures are consistent. This includes re-classifying a small percentage of first doses as second doses, reflecting the improved data accuracy of the new system.

For ease of viewing, the dashboard is split across 6 pages covering

  • Total vaccination figures and daily updates
  • Cumulative vaccination figures and 7 day moving average
  • Vaccination by age band and vaccination uptake rates – population figures are based on NISRA mid year estimates.
  • Rollout figure by location/ provider
  • Vaccinations by postcode, vaccine type and by ethnic background (when available).

Over time, more data and visualisations will be added as the program progresses. The dashboard will be updated each day at 2pm aligned with the update of the main Department of Health Daily Covid Dashboard

The cohort size denominators were previously based on the NISRA mid 2019 Estimates. As of 4th August 2021 these have been changed to the NISRA 2020 mid year estimates in line with the rest of the UK.

As of 05 Nov 2021 the dashboard has been updated to include 12-15 year olds. At this point we have opted to reconcile the overall eligible population to be everyone over the age of 12 for the purposes of vaccine uptake calculations. This is in line with the Main dashboard and brings the NI figures in line with the central approach.

The details in the dashboard may not always fully reflect the most up to date information. This has become more relevant with the advent of mobile vaccination clinics. These are often in remote areas where electronic devices are not viable for use and as such the details are often captured manually and later transcribed into our electronic systems, leading to a lag in reporting.